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(US) Chinese Culture Center (USCCC) is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization headquartered in Columbia, South Carolina. Authorized by the China National Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, we recruit native English speakers in the United States, train and place them to teach English and/or their specialties in our partner schools and universities in China. Our job training program is also part of South Carolina Workforce Investment Act (WIA) job training programs. We have offered thousands of teaching positions to Americans in the past 12 years.

Our mission is to build a bridge of friendship and understanding between the American People and the Chinese People by educational and cultural exchange. Our ultimate goal is for the World Peace. What we do is similar to the Peace Corp, which is financially sponsored by the US Government. Since US Chinese Culture Center is a publicly supported non-profit organization, we need your generous donation to keep our international programs going.

As you know, there are more than 400 Confucius Institutes in the United States to disseminate Chinese Language and Culture to American People. Some US Senators have drafted a Bill to get the US Federal Government budget and sponsor a similar program to promote American English Language and American Culture to the Chinese People. This sounds reasonable to some; but to us insiders, it’s a waste of our tax payers’ money to re-invent the wheels. Our programs have been working for 12 years just for the same purpose and obvious positive effects. Every one of our trained teachers in China is an American Education and Culture Ambassador of American English Language and Culture.

Many of our thousands of applicants are new college graduates without much financial means for the program cost. We need public support and donation to sponsor them for their training, visa fees, and related services. If you donate 1-10 program fees, you’ll enjoy life membership of Chinese Culture Center: taking all classes for free for you and your spouse and your underage children. All your donations are tax deductible as charitable donations. Chinese Culture Center’s Tax ID or EIN: 01-0610140

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