Teaching in China is a fantastic opportunity for a cultural exchange. However, you’ll also want to be paid for your efforts. Chinese Culture Center pays our teachers well, especially given the cost of living in China.

Compensation is based on your experience and qualifications. A teacher with a great deal of experience, teaching certification, and graduate degrees can make up to 25,000 Yuan (RMB) per month. To put that in perspective, in a large city in China, that’s enough to spend every night in a high-range hotel, as well as getting nightly massages and three-course meals!

The fact that our teachers do not have to pay for housing is another huge boon. Other companies advertise high salaries but have to deduct the cost of rent, not to say the other benefits we offer. Chinese Culture Center will not deduct anything from your paycheck, and your rent is taken care of.

Unlike other companies, Chinese Culture Center also offers free international round-trip airfare once a year through our partner schools, which means your stay in China can be incredibly profitable.

Our teachers all make between 4,000 and 25,000 Yuan per month. While the Yuan/dollar exchange rate changes frequently, understand that in China, the cost of living is extremely low. On a salary of even 4,000 Yuan per month, our lowest salary, you will be making more than twice as much as a typical Chinese teacher’s salary of 1,000-2,000 Yuan per month. Since your housing is taken care of in our program, you will not have to worry about the largest expense for Chinese teachers.

Here is a sample budget of 4,000 Yuan per month in a medium-size city:

  1. Food (healthy balance of eating out and cooking): 1,000 Yuan
  2. Transportation (buses, taxis) for weekend shopping or sightseeing: 100 Yuan
  3. Utilities (gas, phone, Internet, water, electricity): 500 Yuan
  4. Insurance and emergency money: 400 Yuan
  5. Remaining disposable “fun” money: 2,000 Yuan

When you teach in China through Chinese Culture Center, you’ll never have a reason to feel underpaid or broke while living abroad.