One Academic Year

Multiple Academic Years

Summer Only


Coming to China to teach is not free, but we try to make it as painless as possible. This fee covers:

  • Placement
  • One background check
  • One Chinese Visa fee and visa service fee (if you are in the U.S.)
  • Work contracts with your employers in China
  • Plane ticket booking
  • Arrangements for the host school officials to travel to your airport to meet you
  • Related professional consultations and services

This fee DOES NOT include airfare. Depending on your contract, you will be reimbursed for airfare in China.

If you pay the multiple-year fee, you will save a great deal of money in future years. After your first year, you will only need to pay your visa fee and visa service fee of $250 for a new placement.

Unlike with other programs, Chinese Culture Center does not embrace only young, unmarried teachers. You may bring your family with you to China if you choose, and housing will accommodate you. The additional cost is $850 for each family member, including your spouse and dependent children under 18 years of age. This includes their one-time visa fees and visa service fees. Your salary will be more than enough to comfortably take care of your family during your stay in China.

Please note that program fees and related service fees are subject to change at any time without notice. Yuan/dollar exchange rates fluctuate, and the cost of living does change, and the Chinese Culture Center cannot be held responsible for these changes. Please also realize that big cities’ cost of living are higher than smaller cities.

If you have already been accepted into the Teach English in China Program, you may pay the program fee here