Refund Policy

All contracts carry some element of uncertainty, and all plans involving international travel are subject to change. At the Chinese Culture Center, we aim to make every contract a mutually fulfilling one. However, there are many circumstances that can interfere with the successful and beneficial completion of your contract.

If you have not been offered an internship or work contract by your designated departure time, and you did not miss any application or payment deadlines and submitted all the required documents by the official application deadline posted on the CCC website when you registered, you are eligible for this refund. This does not apply in the case of factors beyond our control, such as wars, natural disasters, plagues, epidemics, airline fluctuations, political issues, etc.

Unfortunately, there is no refund offered for any early withdrawal from any of the programs. If you cannot go to China during your registered semester, your candidacy is not lost! We will keep your records, and consider you accepted for the next two full years within the program.

We will offer you up to three job placements within the two-year grace period of your withdrawal. If you reject all three of them, your candidacy will be cancelled without refund. During the two-year grace period, the only additional fees you will need to pay are contingent on a change in the program fee.

  1. Ashley paid for a summer program fee of $1,550 and did not attend. She decided to go to a long-term teaching contract the next year, which costs $1,650. Ashley only needs to pay $100 for the difference in the fees. If Ashley wants to go for multiple-year program of $1850, she only needs to pay $300 to make up the difference between the two programs.

  2. 2: Mark paid for a one-year program fee three years ago, when the fee was $998. He went to China as planned, and finished his work contract satisfactorily, and then he took some other jobs out of our program for a couple of years. When he rejoined in the program this year, and the multiple-year program fee is $1,850 now. He should pay the $852 difference.

  3. 3: Mary paid for a multiple-year program fee this year, when the fee was $1850. She went to China as planned and she would like to renew her teaching contract for next year. Although the multiple-year program fee has increased to $2000, we’ll negotiate a new contract for her at no extra charge. She just needs to notify us 3 months before her current work contract expires that she’d like to renew with us.

If your departure is delayed or canceled due to a war, plague, natural disaster, epidemic, political issues, your candidacy will be valid for the next 10 years.