Paid Summer Internship - American Education and Culture Ambassador Program

Departure Date: Late May or June

Are you interested in traveling abroad to China, learning about an exciting culture, and honing your teaching skills without committing to a contract of a year or more? The Chinese Culture Center offers paid summer jobs. These positions do not require some of the same qualifications as the year-long contracts.

Time: 2-10 weeks from late May to early August

Location: Several major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, and many others you may not have heard of.

Organizers: Chinese Culture Center in Columbia, SC, with partner schools in China

Basic Qualifications for Summer Camp Counselors: All our Summer Camp Counselors must have some college experience. The age requirement is between 18-65. You must speak and write standard English, which is essential for teaching English. Leadership and public speaking skills are a must!

Teachers’ Summer Program: If you want to come over during the summer, but don’t feel that the life of a camp counselor is for you, there is another option. Those teachers with professional teaching experience may qualify for a job teaching Chinese teachers. This position comes with higher pay and more benefits (please see the “Compensation” and “Benefits” pages). Instead of being with children all day, you would be teaching professional courses designed to help local Chinese teachers improve their English teaching methods.

Benefits: As payment, you will receive 4000-6000 RMB Yuan per month. This is more than twice the stipend of an average teacher in China, and is on top of your furnished apartment or hotel room. Your room is double occupancy for teachers, and includes all furniture, TV, bedding, etc., as well as free meals at the camp for the duration of your stay. You will also be provided with free sightseeing and tours in the city of your residence during pre-camp training and weekends. This helps to make this experience not just a summer job, but an opportunity to learn in-depth about Chinese culture from an insider point of view, exploring parts of China not usually on a regular tourist trip. You’ll also be provided with free Chinese classes at your camp for the duration of your stay.

Credit Hours: Yes, you can receive credit hours for living abroad in China! You will receive three credit hours for a summer internship, independent study, international study, study abroad, politics, governments, Chinese language, education, teaching, social work, Asian study, etc. If you take on the TEFL Training course as well as Chinese classes (both provided to you for free), you will receive three more credit hours (see following).

TEFL Training and TEFL Certificate:(3 credit hours): 30 class hours of training in Chinese Language, Chinese Culture and Customs, Chinese Educational Systems, and Teaching Methods for teaching English as Second Language. At the end of the course, you will be eligible for a TESL certificate, a universal teaching certification for those teaching English as a Second Language. The onsite training is at the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina, and the online training is available through our web site.

English Summer Camp Students: Elementary, Middle School, and college students from Chinese schools. American Teachers and parents are welcome to go with their students as paid Teachers.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, Apply today!