Culture Training

The Chinese Culture Center offers on-site training for schools, businesses, and organizations. However, our training is not limited to the Chinese language! While we do offer classes in Chinese, we also offer cultural training, designed to help you learn about the people and history of China before your departure. This can be a huge benefit in easing you into your new life in China, as well as helping you understand the rich and vast culture of the Chinese people.

The following is a list of our training topics. You may choose any and all of the topics for your personal training program. For organizations, feel free to add more topics to the list, and the Chinese Culture Center will strive to accommodate these choices.

  1. General introduction about China Learn about the name, area, population, national flag, national anthem, national emblem, provinces, regions, nationalities, and ethnic groups that make up this rich and diverse country.
  2. Brief Introduction to Chinese Contemporary History. Select your topic from Pre-1949, 1949-1966, 1966-1976, 1976-1986, and 1986-present.
  3. New Dynamic Economy Learn about the fastest rising superpower in the world. Why are more than 450 of the World Fortune 500 companies located in China? What is the Open-Door policy? What opportunities for international companies are just starting to emerge? Find out answers to these questions and more in an exploration of the world’s most fascinating economy.
  4. Chinese Calendar Have you ever celebrated Tomb Sweeping Day? Can you use the lunar calendar? Do you know how long paid national vacations are in China? Discover the mysteries of Chinese calendar reading, holidays and celebrations, and vacations.
  5. Chinese Language Training Learn to speak Mandarin! Lessons are offered in beginning to expert-level Mandarin, dialects awareness, greetings, and interpersonal skills.
  6. Chinese Conversational Customs How do you say “Nice to meet you?” without saying a word? How do you make sure not to offend anyone’s grandmother? Learn how to start a conversation in China, both with old-fashioned methods and newer westernized ways.
  7. Dress CodesYou may guess what is appropriate to wear to work, but what about the movies, in taxis, on the streets, and in a friend’s house? Learn when that little black dress is appropriate and when to stick to business suits.
  8. Business Etiquette Learn how to make greetings, exchange business cards, and when it is appropriate to give gifts and initiate conversations. Learn how networking is done in this rapidly-modernizing nation!
  9. Cultural Awareness of the Business Environment in China Learn how to negotiate with Chinese businesses, and which policies are favorable to your company.
  10. How to Develop Business in China . Is your business having a hard time branching into the largest-growing economy in the world? Learn how to clear those pitfalls.
  11. How to Win Business Contracts in China. Learn how to bid with the contractors who know exactly what they’re doing in Chinese business—and beat them.
  12. Possible Pitfalls in a Business Contract . If you want to know not only how to spot pitfalls, but avoid them, this class is for you and your business.
  13. How to Enforce a Business Contract in ChinaOnce you’ve won the contract, make sure nothing goes wrong—and know what you can do if it does.
  14. Money Issues. . Learn about currency exchange, exchange rates, cost of living, bank services, ATM/debit cards, credit cards, etc., and how knowing about them can get you around China easily.
  15. Transportation Discover how easy it is to get around China! Buses, flights, trains, taxis, and subways all thrive in the Chinese economy.
  16. Chinese Visa Types. What is a Visa? What does it do? How do you get one? Learn all about Visas in China and which one is right for you.
  17. PassportsLearn how to get a passport, and (just as important) how to keep it safe.
  18. Electronic Devices. If you have questions about Internet access, email, notebook computers, cell phones, or digital cameras, this class will answer them. Learn about whether you need adaptors for your devices and which ones will be available for purchase in China.
  19. Accommodations Learn about the different kinds of hotels and how much they’ll cost—not to mention how much you should tip.
  20. Food and Eating Elbows on the table? Explore Chinese table manners, food prices, drinking water safety, liquors and wines, and hospitality customs related to food.
  21. Pre-trip Preparation. Flight confirmation, luggage check-in, luggage carry-ons, weight limits, international and domestic flights, and flight safety are all covered by this course.
  22. Chinese Families. This course covers Chinese families in society, from extended families to nuclear families, birthday celebrations, and family get-togethers.
  23. How to Make Friends in China. Never be worried that you’ll be alone!
  24. Chinese Education. Learn about the Chinese education systems, their history, and their background, as well as famous Chinese universities.
  25. Important Chinese Cities. What’s the difference between Tianjin and Wuhan? Find out, studying these places in-depth along with more famous places such as Beijing and Shanghai.
  26. Tourist Resources in China. Negotiate travel agencies, ticketing, and tourist offices with ease!
  27. Martial ArtsWe even offer courses in Tai Chi, Mulan Quan, Qi Gong, and more!
  28. Chinese Names. Last name first? First name first? Learn how to give Chinese names in a way that the locals prefer.
  29. Medical Care. Learn to negotiate medical care, medical insurance, and accidental life insurance.
  30. Taxes After taking this course, you won’t be surprised by any taxes levied, especially personal income tax for foreigners working in China.
  31. Safety. Learn safety and security tips for international traveling to protect yourself.

After each major topic, there will be enough time for questions and answers, as well as discussions.