TEFL Training

You do not need a TESL (Teach English as a Second Language) certificate to go to China through the Chinese Culture Center. However, you may want to get one for a better future career!

Those who have completed TESL training are paid more highly through the Chinese Culture Center, but that isn’t the only reason you may want to take the courses. You will feel much more prepared for your new job and life if you do, and through the CCC, all of your training fees are covered by our grant or donation. You are entitled to three credit hours for TESL training and certification, three credit hours for Summer TESL internship, and six credit hours of a 10-12 month TESL internship.

You can take classes in TESL online through our website, or on-site at the USC campus in Columbia, S.C.

TESL doesn’t only teach education. This program covers educational psychology, teaching methods, classroom management, lesson plans, student motivation, comparison of the American and Chinese educational systems, teaching demonstrations, and teaching presentations. This is a full package meant to prepare you for life in China to the fullest, by making sure you’re more than ready to complete your new job. You will also be offered classes in basic Chinese Language and Culture.

When you’re finished with TESL training, you’ll be able to teach in any Chinese classroom, from kindergarten to professional business schools.

Your TESL certification isn’t only useful for teaching English in China! No matter the country in which you teach after the CCC program, you’ll be qualified. Even in American schools, ESL teachers have to have a TESL certificate.

  1. Take the training online or on-site.
  2. Finish at least one work contract successfully in China through the Chinese Culture Center with satisfactory work performances.
  3. Scan us a standard release/recommendation letter from your host school (with an official stamp) at the completion of your first work contract through our program.
  4. Email the Chinese Culture Center a 2-page essay (with 2 imbedded photos taken in China, one on each page) about your experiences in our program.

That’s it! Once you’ve finished those few requirements, you’ll have a universal teaching credential proving that you’re an accredited Teacher of English as a Second Language. It is not specific to the CCC, or to China in general.