Benefits (General Information for most work contracts)

  1. For every year you teach at the same school, you will receive a free round-trip international plane ticket or airfare stipend. This can help drastically if you want to visit home, take advantage of your new location to visit other countries, or simply travel around.
  2. You will receive free housing or rent stipend. It might come with one or more bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. If you have a large family you plan to bring to China, this need can be accommodated, and your rooms will be sized accordingly.
  3. Your accommodations might include a TV, a phone, an air-conditioner, furniture, cooking utensils, bedding, and almost everything you need to live comfortably.
  4. You might have the opportunity to take free Chinese lessons or to have a tutor at your host school. Whether you know Chinese before coming over or not, you’ll be able to learn with no prejudice.
  5. You will not be alone. Most of you will go to your host school in groups. Professional support and liaison services will be available both to our teachers and to our teachers’ families in the US and China.
  6. You will be provided a toll-free phone number to connect with our US office during your entire stay in China.
  7. You will receive the highest pay possible. Chinese Culture Center aggressively negotiates the fees and salaries of our teachers with our partner schools and universities in China.
  8. You will receive a Waiver of Application and a 10% tuition deduction for Walden University online degree programs through our business partners.
  9. You might receive a deferment of your student loan payments while you are teaching in China.
  10. You will receive free sightseeing tours sponsored by your host school during school holidays and weekends.
  11. You will enjoy paid time off during Chinese national and traditional holidays and during school breaks.