Hello! My name is Brittany Craddock. I went through Chinese Culture Center last summer to China. I had an amazing time going through your program last year. I’ve been talking about how wonderful your services were to everybody who asks and even suggested Chinese Culture Center to my professor at the University of Central Florida so that he could refer more students to your program.

–Brittany Craddock

I am very happy here in China. I do not wish to return to the united states. I have been teaching for 5 years in America, and this is the happiest I have ever been. I think I would like to stay. Thanks for all of your help. I love China!

–Tony Seal

I just wanted to let you know that Ryan and I have been settled in our host school for about a month now and are having a wonderful time. The school is very accommodating and my classes are so interesting. I am making a lot of new friends here and, slowly but surely, am learning Chinese.


I just wanted to let you know we made it into China on time, got to Changzhou smoothly, and have been loving every day so far. It's going to be an amazing year I think. The people at our host school are awesome, and the apartment is great! We start teaching soon, I'll let you know how the first couple days go. Thank you so much for helping to get all of this together! Best,


I just wanted to let you know that I will be renewing my contract with my host University for the coming year. Everything appears to be working out very well. I have adjusted to life in Beijing and am enjoying myself both on the job and off of it. I will be returning to the United States briefly to visit family and friends during Spring Festival, so if you would like me to speak with any of your prospective teachers at that time please let me know, and I will meet with you about the time later on. Some members of my family were able to come here to visit me earlier this year and also enjoyed their stay immensely. They are looking forward to visiting with me again here sometime in the future as well. I have had no problems to speak of during the past year, but unfortunately my Chinese language skills are still not very good. Perhaps they will improve more over the coming year.

–Jeremy Rickabaugh